Duna House Hungarian Residential Property Fund

 Hungary’s first public, open end residential property investment fund.  
Outstanding return on the property market! Join us and claim your share!

Duna House Hungarian Residential Property Fund is the first Hungarian investment fund dedicated to establish a portfolio consisting of primarily residential property, which offers investors a chance to profit from the gain on the Hungarian residential property market - comfortably, without additional costs and time need in connection with the acquisition and maintenance.  

       The Fund aims to acquire the properties on the best possible price, or under market prices, as it happens often. The long term utilization and lease of the acquired residential properties serves as a ground base for the investment unit's profit.    

Benefits of the Fund

Professional investment management    

Experts with decades of professional experience are responsible for selecting the properties for investment with gain potential.

No need to worry about lease    

No tasks in connection with property management, lease or maintenance on your side.

Tax free investment opportunity  

When the units are placed on a Long term investment account, tax free profit is solved in the longer run.

       Investment units can be redeemed any time partially or in total!   

Investment units

The Fund's investment units are designed for investors with long-term objectives who are ready to realize the potentially growing value of the residential properties representing the greatest part of investment units and the capital gain related to professional property management in a flexible form, and who are willing to accept the risks in property investment.

In addition, it stands as an opportunity for investors and savers who wish to add residential property as a diversification to their investment.

The Fund's investment units present an alternative for investors who prefer not to, or don't have the opportunity to conclude direct property investments.

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