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Professional investment management    

Experts with decades of professional experience are responsible for selecting the properties for investment with gain potential.

No need to worry about lease    

No tasks in connection with property management, lease or maintenance on your side.

Tax free investment opportunity  

When the units are placed on a Long term investment account, tax free profit is solved in the longer run.

       Investment units can be redeemed any time partially or in total!   


When keeping the investment units on a Long term investment account, the profit is tax free! For details and conditions of distribution please see the Fund Management Policy.

Choose comfortable property investment!

Market expectations

"The low interest rates and dynamically increasing residential property prices make real estate a promising investment. Several aspects on the demand side point toward recovery, whereas supply conditions on the property market tend to have a longer reaction time."

Magyar Nemzeti Bank (Central Bank of Hungary) Residential property market report - April, 2017

Choose comfortable residential property investment!