Frequently asked questions

What does Hungary's first residential property fund mean?    

The first property investment fund in Hungary with a portfolio consisting of mainly/primarily residential properties. When selecting the properties for the portfolio, the Fund Manager prefers primarily residential properties with profit generating and value increase potential.

How can you receive your return?    

You can claim your share from Duna House Hungarian Residential Property Fund's return by purchasing its investment units. The investment fund pays no return, as every bit of the generated return serves the growth of the investment fund's assets, and as such the value increase of the investment units. You can realize the profit by redeeming part of the acquired investment units.

What does public, open end fund for indefinite term mean? 

Investment unit of the fund can be purchased by everyone, redeemed at any time; the investment fund has been established for indefinite term, with no specified duration.

What is the price and conditions when deciding to buy investment units?    

Az "A" és "B" sorozatú befektetési jegyek névértéke 10.000 Ft, az "I" sorozatú befektetési jegyek névértéke 100.000.000,-Ft. Vásárlásnál a T+6 napon érvényes árfolyamon vásárolható. A vásárlás online is lebonyolítható.

Where can I buy investment units?    

Distributors -currently four- of the investment units:

Concorde Értékpapír Zrt., Seat: 1123 Budapest, Alkotás u. 50.

Random Capital Ltd., seat: 1053 Budapest, Szép u. 2. You can open a free account and subscribe investment units on through the website.  

MKB Bank Zrt., Seat: 1056 Budapest, Váci u. 38.

SPB Befektetési Zártkörűen Működő Részvénytársaság, Seat: 1051 Budapest, Vörösmarty tér 7-8. 3rd floor

Are there costs connected to the purchase of investment units?    

Yes, the commission is maximum 2%. For further information, visit the website of the distributors.

What is the ideal investment time?    

We recommend the Duna House Hungarian Residential Property Fund for long term investment, which can be redeemed at any time next to a 3% commission in the first two years. After the expiry of the two years no commission is charged at redemption. After five years and when placed on a Long term investment account, the profit is tax free.    

Is there a guarantee on capital?    

No, similarly to when the value of your own property decreases due to property market changes. Therefore, the Fund Manager places great emphasis on acquiring properties with profit generating and value increase potential.

Is there a guarantee on return?    

Nincs. A Duna House Magyar Lakás Ingatlanalap indulása óta megközelítőleg 11% és az első éves működési évében 9,2% realizált tőkearányos eredményt ért el, amely önmagáért beszél, viszont a múltbeli teljesítmény nem garancia a jövőbeli hozamra.

How can you realize the return?

Duna House Hungarian Residential Property Fund does not pay a return, but the value of the investment units develops in line with the achieved results. This means you can realize the return by the -partial- redemption of the investment units. Redemption of the investment units of "A" series is accounted for on day T+56 rate, and shall be paid on the following day. Redemption of the investment units of "B" and "I" series is accounted for on day T+180 rate, and shall be paid on the following day.

How and from what is the return generated?    

From the lease, or renovation of acquired properties, as well as the value increase gained following the purchase, or even sale and purchase of properties. Over 90% of properties in the portfolio is rented out, while the rest of the properties is in the phase of preparation.

What does transparent portfolio mean?    

On website you will find public information (address, size, photos, up-to-date property valuation result) about the properties in the portfolio from the frequented locations. The property valuation result is revised every three months, and the website is updated with the latest information on a weekly basis.

Where can I find up-to-date information on the return?    

BAMOSZ site:

Who are the fund managers, and which are the other responsible bodies, companies?    

Fund manager: Impact Asset Management Zrt. (seat: 1016 Budapest, Gellérthegy u. 17., company 01-10-048353)

Custodian: MKB BANK Nyrt. (seat: 1056 Budapest, Váci u.38., company 01-10-040952)

Property valuer: QUADRIGA Familia Ltd. (seat: 1112 Budapest, Kapolcs u. 16., company 01-09-176014)

Auditor: BDO Magyarország Könyvvizsgáló Kft. (seat: 1103 Budapest, Kőér u. 2/A C., company 01-09-867785, MKVK registry: 002387)

Supervisory body of the Fund Manager: Magyar Nemzeti Bank (Central Bank of Hungary)    

Investments acquired through investment service providers are covered by the IPF - Investor Protection Fund (in Hungarian: BEVA), up to EUR 100.000 per securities account.