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The property fund's investments are public

66 residential properties, 80% of them are rented out

Duna House Hungarian Residential Property Fund aims to acquire the properties on the best possible price, or under market prices, as it happens often. The long term utilization and lease of the acquired residential properties serves as a ground base for the investment unit's profit.

The present advertisement shall not be regarded as an offer, call for offer or investment consultancy, with the data not rated as comprehensive and used for information purposes only.

The exclusive reason of the information indicated hereto it to provide more information on Duna House Hungarian Residential Property Fund's property portfolio.

All the information indicated in the document -especially referring to the value of the properties- are informative and shall not be considered as official, legally required property valuation with regular notification obligation. Therefore, when defining the net asset value of Duna House Hungarian Residential Property Fund (hereinafter: Fund) different values may be taken into consideration. These values must not be taken as a reference base in relation of any claim, neither as supportive, nor as enforcing fact. Value of the properties may change in connection with changes in the market environment or other circumstances affecting the property market. When calculating the Fund's net asset value, other cost items and charges indicated in the Management Policy are also taken into account.

In order to make a thoughtful investment decision please read and study the Fund's official documents, including the Prospectus, Management Policy, annual and mid-term reports. All of the above documents are available in Hungarian language at the leading distributor Concorde Értékpapír Zrt., and the distributor Random Capital Zrt. in printed version on the locations where the units are distributed, and in electronic format on the Fund Managers' www.impactalapkezelo.hu website, and www.con.huwww.randomcapital.hu, www.mkb.hu and www.spbinvest.hu websites of the leading and other distributor. You can find the Fund's Key Investor Information Document containing basic information about the Fund in a compact form, which is not a comprehensive informative source on the Fund in itself. More information on the distribution conditions of the Fund's investment units is available from the distributors.

Past performance is no guarantee for the future results! The fund is managed by Impact Fund Manager Ltd, operating based on the MNB's (Central bank of Hungary) license, number: H-EN- III-130/2016.

Impact Fund Manager reserves the right to change terms and conditions!